Cuppy Cake Archives : Why is My Baby Grunting?

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Apparently, preemie babies grunt.  I used to spend hours and hours in the hospital and barely heard a peep from the baby.  When Naevia came home from the NICU – we noticed that she was making this really loud, really grunting noise.  I woke up thinking a slew of things that were wrong with her.

– Is she constipated?

– Does her throat hurt?

– Does her tummy hurt?

– Does she have some kind of mental disability?

According to the NICU nurses, this is very normal.  Let me describe the sound, it sounds like she is struggling to push a boulder across the room.  She sounds like a baby goat, a growling puppy, like she is trying really hard to take a poop and needs some prune juice.

Nope –

Just regular grunting.

blogger-image--542871714-2In trying to soothe her pain I rubbed her little tummy, did leg bends with her, and held her and rubbed her back.  My solution came by accident by way of “tummy time”.

I have learned that tummy time with Naevia – eased digestion and gas, helped to strengthen her neck muscles, and most of all – calmed the painful sounding grunting that she does.  I give her about an hour to an hour of a half of monitored tummy time on her play mat or on her Boppy per day.

Over the past three months, the grunting is starting to dissipate, I imagine that she will grow out of it over the next few months. The only thing that I have to watch out for is her scooting along on her stomach.  On average the grunting will go on while your baby is between 5-8 lbs.

This is nothing to be startled about.

According to “PEEK-A-BOO ICU” Online

“Grunting in preemies is normal and very common. It is due to an immature nervous system and they will eventually grow out of it. Preemies tend to spend most of their time in light sleep (REM or active sleep) vs. deep sleep (non REM or quiet sleep) and sometimes have a difficult time transitioning from an asleep state to a awake or alert state. This is why sleep cycles are so important in the NICU- allowing your baby time to rest, sleep, and have uninterrupted quite time is so important for the developing neurological system. As time passes and the neurological system matures and your baby grows- the grunting will stop.”

This is just another treat of watching your last trimester play out in front of your own eyes.

Author: Parris

Mom of a sweet tiny 3 year old Made in New York Tacos are life

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