Childcare Frustrations

Hillary Duff did an interview with Redbook last month – talking about being a divorced parent, of her four year old son, and all of the mom guilt associated along with it.  Mom guilt is a real thing.  When me and the WUZband separated – we literally went our separate ways over to separate states – almost feeling like we were in separate worlds.  Continue reading

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Toddler CSI with Little Me, and her Dad.




I remember when I was younger, I had my list of must see TV shows, Alvin and the Chipmunks (circa 1988), Jem, Thundercats, and of course, She-Ra.  In my house, It’s Paw Patrol.  If you have never watched it, it’s a show about a 10 year old kid named Ryder, with 6 dogs who moonlight as municipal city workers in Adventure Bay.  Im serious.   Continue reading