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Netflix Mom Indulgences

\We all know the basics of what to watch on Netflix – Breaking Bad, Dexter, The Walking Dead, House of Cards … Yadda Yadda. There are some hidden Gems in there this month (and beyond) That you can jump on after the little one(s) go to sleep.  Continue reading



Childcare Frustrations

Hillary Duff did an interview with Redbook last month – talking about being a divorced parent, of her four year old son, and all of the mom guilt associated along with it.  Mom guilt is a real thing.  When me and the WUZband separated – we literally went our separate ways over to separate states – almost feeling like we were in separate worlds.  Continue reading

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Toddler CSI with Little Me, and her Dad.




I remember when I was younger, I had my list of must see TV shows, Alvin and the Chipmunks (circa 1988), Jem, Thundercats, and of course, She-Ra.  In my house, It’s Paw Patrol.  If you have never watched it, it’s a show about a 10 year old kid named Ryder, with 6 dogs who moonlight as municipal city workers in Adventure Bay.  Im serious.   Continue reading