I’m a Preemie Mom – Hear Me Roar

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In honor of National Woman’s day, I thought to myself, what better time for me to launch my blog?

I have been spending the last year researching and raising my daughter.  (Read my story in my bio).  My daughter is now three years old.  (Currently Gestational age 3 – actual age 3 years and three months).  I have learned so much in these past three years.  I have journaled and documented, and now I want to share.  I am almost sure that I know what I am talking about at this point. (insert “S” on my chest here)

Women are some amazing human beings – we run households, go to work, take care of children, run and manage organizations, start businesses, without breaking a sweat, in heels, (or converse sneakers if that’s your pleasure).

I like to think that I am one of the chosen few – one of those moms that the good Lord up above bestowed the tiny miracle of having a preemie baby.  Which means that I am extra dope – extra bad-ass.  Ask About ME.  I get to witness this tiny hero of mine overcome obstacle above obstacle, and still find a way to coo and giggle and be unbelievably precious.   Seriously, over the past three years, I have been incredibly blessed to watch my daughter grow and flourish, and all the while discovering my passion in being a mom, coupled with my pride of being a preemie mom.

Sometimes these posts will be funny, I will be recommending some products that saved my life, and other times there will be “real talk”.  More will evolve from this website, ultimately a network of other bad ass preemie mom’s like you and me.  (You preemie dads can come too).

Welcome to this ride. GO PREEMIE MOM GO.



Author: Parris

Mom of a sweet tiny 3 year old Made in New York Tacos are life

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