The One Thing that Stressed me about the NICU

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When I had my daughter, she was 3lbs and 4oz.  She was pretty long considering – at 17 inches.  After she was born and taken from the UV lights – she was brought into another room with several NICU babies – but ones that were a little more advanced and those that were transitioning to go home.  I spent a lot of time in that room with her, singing her songs and holding her tiny fingers.

One morning when I came in, I was just in time to sit with her while they checked her vitals.  My baby had LOST weight.  She was down to 2lbs 9oz. I panicked.  I thought to myself that my child would never leave the hospital and that I was destined to raise her in that little incubator.


A nice NICU nurse explained to me that all babies loose weight after birth.  According to  Babies loose between 7% – 10% of their birth weight after birth but typically regain  that weight back in the next 2 weeks.  Being that the baby was immersed in water while in my belly, once out – that excess water starts to expel – in my case it was so scary because she was already so small.

When my baby left the NICU she was a total of 4lbs 2oz – which I still felt In my heart of hearts was way too small to be bringing her home.  As time went on she grew ounces at a time.  It didn’t make me forget how scary it was at first for her to look like she lost so much weight that she looked like a little alien.  Now she is of a healthier weight – even though she is still small.



Author: Parris

Mom of a sweet tiny 3 year old Made in New York Tacos are life

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