I should have been an Optometrist

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I like to believe I was pretty fortunate – one of the few medical caveats of my daughter being 3 months early is that she needs glasses.  Naevia has been wearing glasses since she was about 18 months old.  Its cute – and she happens to look exactly like me – its like having a little clone.

Finding a pediatric optician/optometrist is a nightmare.

When I lived in Vermont – there was only one – I want to say in the entire northern part of the state.  She didn’t work on Mondays, and recently I received an email stating that she was retiring so I needed to obtain my daughter’s files if I wanted them.

Here in the DMV, it seems as if it is difficult to find someone that wants to treat a toddler.  I realized that finding a pediatric optometrist is almost like finding Waldo on a page of Santas.  It takes a minute but eventually you find one.

My daughter is very nearsighted – so she needs to wear her glasses for everything.  The idea of her having the glasses is for it to be preventative.  I have been wearing my glasses since I was in the 4th grade.  I would like to argue that I possibly needed them since I was in the 2nd grade.  When the doctor told me that there was a chance that starting Naevia with glasses now may keep her from wearing them in the future – I thought it would be the smarter choice.

I have seen toddler frames alone going from anywhere from 19.95 – 275.00  depending on where you find them.  One place where you will no longer find them is Walmart I called over 25 stores between Vermont and North Carolina. The big brand stores ( Costco, BJ’s), don’t have them either.  You could consider buying them online, but the thing with toddler glasses is that they actually have to fit that tiny little face.  Which means children must either pay for the plastic frames with the strap:



Or if you have anything like my baby (who takes after her mother and does not have a bridge on her nose – sorry kid) then your option is a sleek metal type frame with the hook behind the ear.


To replace the latter – can range upwards of over 49.95 and up.  I bought 3 pairs and my daughter broke two of them.  I have been clinging on to the last pair like a baby blue bird that cannot fly yet.

Back to my back end thoughts of going to medical school.  Which would take me at least 8 years – first to go back and get the pre-req’s then take the MCAT, then take the MCAT six more times before I pass it ( I know me) then go to Medical school.  Im looking at accomplishing this in my late 40’s. More importantly – student loans that look like a social security number after it’s all over.


Maybe I can just open and manage an office and hire some doctors. Someone please open an optometry practice for children with more than one doctor.

Signed a frustrated mother of a baby with glasses.


Author: Parris

Mom of a sweet tiny 3 year old Made in New York Tacos are life

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