Birthday Experiences

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My daughter’s birthday happens to be less than a month after Christmas.  What ended up happening the first year is that folks that sent her Christmas presents late ended up getting their presents stashed in the back of my closet to be given to her the following month. 

At the tender age of three, the thrifty, budget conscious mother in me decided that Little Me would not be throwing a birthday party for a child that

  1. Would not remember that there even was a party – nor who was there.
  2. Would probably fall asleep before all the adults left.

No shade to anyone that wants to do that for their child – My child probably won’t get a big birthday party until she is about 5 – Until then, we do pizza parties at daycare.

I came up with the idea of dedicating her birthdays to experiences.  At that time she would get to do something that she typically doesn’t get to do for the rest of the year.  I decided that I would test out this theory this year when she turned three.

The first thing that I did was take her to get her make up done.  Yes at the MAC store. It wasn’t actual make up – it was really just some pink eyeshadow.  You couldn’t tell this little girl that her face wasn’t glossed up like a super star though.


Her dad had gotten her an American Girl Doll way too early.  Needless to say, the doll looked like it had a rough life.  I called the vaguely remembered that the American girl Store did birthday parties.  I called and asked what it entailed.  I asked for a less rah-rah version of the big birthday package.  The customer service representative was super helpful.

I booked the birthday package for her and surprised her when she got there.


Naevia was able to have a personal shopper for her and her doll, and she got to pick out a whole new outfit.  a pair of doll shoes, and a dress for the doll was 28 dollars.  (I died a little inside but hey – she only turns three once, RIGHT???) I didn’t book an appointment for the doll to get her hair done (that was a bit much for a 3 year old in my opinion.) but that was an option.

After the doll got dressed in brand new out fit – it was time for her tea party.  We both got to choose an appetizer and an entree.  We also both got to have strawberry lemonade, and at the end she got to have her own birthday cake.  She was pretty happy.  I think that it would be something that she will remember.


The thing with gifts is that she plays with them for a day or so and then they go into this never ending pile of crap that sits in the corner of her room – barely to be touched again.  I know at least if I do something with her – that would be out of this world for her – she will enjoy and remember it more than the toys.  At least at this age.  I don’t want her to feel like she is being jilted at Christmas – nor forgotten about for her birthday.

Mommy Win.

Author: Parris

Mom of a sweet tiny 3 year old Made in New York Tacos are life

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