4 Things that Aren’t a Big Deal when You’re a Mom

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When you hear that you are about to be a mom, chances are, you have all of these Claire Huxtable, Mrs Cleaver thoughts in your head about what kind of mom you are going to be. Stop it.  As time goes on, here are a few things that I learned … 

  1. Name brand cereal tastes just like the generic brand. – I live across from a big LOTS. I love that place. Easy for me to dash in and dash out and pay low prices. The other day I felt like being bad. I was DYING for some Frosted Flakes. I went in and saw just about every other cereal but frosted Flakes. Not one orange tiger to be found. Instead what I did find was those big bag generic cereals that you would cringe at if your mother ever brought them home. The giant Ziploc of cereal was 3 bucks. SCORE. I brought them home anyway. Tastes. Exactly. The. Same.
  2. Makeup just cannot take an hour every day – before I was a mom, I would sit in the mirror and do all of this highlighting and lip lining and blushing. Who has time for that when it isn’t a date night? I need to get this child to the daycare! Later on there will be a post on 3 things you needs to fix your face up in 5 minutes and with 3 products. (I used to work in cosmetics, I’m qualified, I promise!)
  3. TV is okay – when you just … CAN’T: I usually have a very long week. After a few weeks of going non stop – I literally don’t have any energy. I literally cannot peel myself off of my couch. Unfortunately I have a busy threenager that wants to be entertained and occupied. Just because you spend a lazy day watching Disney movies with your child that does not mean you are a bad mom. I learned that my daughter isn’t getting the best – if I am not at my best. Sometimes doing nothing for a day is necessary for self care.
  4. It is impossible for everything to be organic – When I first became a mom, I was making fresh made everything. I was also home all of the time. I don’t have that luxury anymore. Now, I have to do a big meal on Sunday’s and meal prep for the week – and pre pack my daughter’s dinners for the sitter, or make sure there are enough pizza rolls, frozen sweet peas, and chicken nuggets in the freezer in case she is tired of lasagna. Some mothers have the luxury of making everything from scratch out of whole grain materials from whole foods. Good for them. As long as I am giving my child a well balanced meal, I am doing my job.


I say all this to say, that moms have the hardest job in the world. We are book keepers, managers, chefs, teachers, and we don’t even get paid for it. I am fortunate enough to get paid in snuggles.  There isn’t a text book on how to be a mother, sometimes you just have to wing it – and that’s okay.



Author: Parris

Mom of a sweet tiny 3 year old Made in New York Tacos are life

One thought on “4 Things that Aren’t a Big Deal when You’re a Mom

  1. Sooooo true, mama. I agree with every one of these. 😂👏🏼


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