The Easter Bunny was NOT Getting my Money this Year…

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Lately I have been on a money pinching spree – trying to be very careful of how I spend my coins.  The goal is to buy a new home for me and my daughter … shortly followed by the dog that she keeps asking me for (she wants a english Bulldog – who is Rubble from Paw patrol).  That being said – I may have embarked on a new tradition this Easter.


Today would be my daughter’s fourth Easter – mostly because she was born early, she was able to sneak one in:





It was exciting because I was a new mom, she was so teeny tiny, plus it was our first trip to the mall.  I enjoyed every last minute of not being cooped up in the house anymore (I was for 3 months at that point, on top of the 6 weeks that I spent in the hospital.








The second year, I took her again : She was One Year Old, and she looked like a completely different kid…



Super Cute.  She was one, she made it out of the scary – preemie phase, and she was really starting to get her own personality.




Last year, I took her again.  She had gotten her glasses, and it was the first year that me and her daIMG_0827d had officially divorced.  Last year, I think the pictures were more for me than they were for her.

I wanted to prove that I could do it myself. I wanted to prove that she wasn’t going to miss anything and that her mommy was going to make sure that she was going to still be able to have all of her memories.


This year was different.


As always, I got the email a few weeks ago reminding me about the Easter bunny being at my local mall to take photos with. The sale price for these photos?  $34.99.  One pose.  Multiple Sizes.  No Disc.


Not to far from my church is a small park with a bridge, a gazebo, and plenty of trees.   I drive past there often when I am going to church.  That is exactly where she took her pictures this year.  Cost to me? $FREE.99



We had so much fun doing this!  All of her poses were her idea.  She got to take the pictures where ever she wanted.  Best part about it?

I had unlimited poses – Unlimited effects on the pictures.

Unlimited editing.


And I did it all on my iPhone.




When I got my iPhone last year (and I am still using a 6s … at this point I may as well wait for an 8)  I realized that I had in my possession a $800 camera.  I snapped the pictures best I could.  I did not go home and upload them to any computer … as a matter of fact, I edited them using a free app called Snapseed.  Snapseed gave me a bunch of effects, and if you are anything like me (and a need a photoshop for kindergartners course) then this app is perfect for editing pictures and making them look like you hired a personal photographer.

Best decision ever.


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