I Won’t Throw Out my Preemie Crochet Hats

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I remember the day that I walked into the NICU to begin what was one of many long days   with my daughter in the hospital.  She was wearing a hat.  A little pink crochet hat.  I’m silly.  My first thought is that they are playing dress up with my tiny baby.

I asked the Nurse what the deal was with the hats.  She told me that the goal of the little hat was to keep her warm, her little head encompassed a third of her surface area of her body and if I didn’t keep her head warm, she could get sick.

Fast forward to now 3 years later and I still have those little crochet hats.  I feel like they are like badges of honor.  Small reminders of what my daughter has overcome.


Small reminders of how small she used to be.  Sometimes I wish she could still fit those hats when winters come around.  I’m actually looking forward to the day when she will understand things enough for me to tell her stories about these little crochet beanies that she used to wear.

I have seen so many other mother’s complaining about their babies wearing hats in the incubators.  I was more concerned about the incubators themselves and how bad I wanted her OUT.  Not her little hat on her head while she was in there.

Even though I am actively purging her closets and getting rid of just about everything she can no longer fit (and donating them to other children who can use them) , I am keeping these little crochet hats.


Author: Parris

Mom of a sweet tiny 3 year old Made in New York Tacos are life

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