All I Have to Talk About is my kid…

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I may not be the easiest person to kick it with these days.  I am a little overwhelmed and with the set up of some new projects (coming soon to a blog near you) I have been really, really busy.  I am okay with it.  The most exciting thing I have going on is my kid.

I try not to talk about things that are in progress until I have some kind of tangible medium of what I am doing – I don’t like to talk about those things.  What I do like to talk about is my daughter – hell, I have a whole blog about it!

Naevia is the most amazing little girl that I have ever met.  There are times when I am completely overwhelmed.  Work stresses me out – some extra bill has popped up and I need to figure it out, or I don’t have the energy, and I am really exhausted.  She always knows how to come and snuggle up with me at the right time, or make me a hot dog and French fries in her little fake kitchen.  She is literally my best friend – and I gave birth to her – how cool is that?

Even more so, she makes me laugh.  She is my white cloud in my dark sky. I never understood parents that try to fit their children into their lives.  When I became a mother, I decided that for the next 18 years, it was my responsibility to raise a responsible member of society.  And I have no idea what the heck I am doing.  I do know that I am doing my best.  I do know that I may not always make the best decisions in hindsight.  What I do know is that everything that I do – I do for that kid.  It’s me and her against the world.

The way that everyone talks about their favorite baller?  She’s my MVP.  The way that you always talk about your favorite celebrity? She’s my super star.  Sometimes single or childless folks don’t understand that.  Sometimes I feel a little awkward in a group.   Everyone talks about what party they have been at or what they did last night.  The highlight of my evening was watching my daughter trace the letter “A” because she is learning how to write her name.

I am still okay with it.  This is why.

If I am not her biggest cheerleader,

If I am not the one that is always talking about how great she is, always encouraging her to stand out from the crowd… then who’s jobs is it to do that?

So I will stay in this happy place of awkward conversational topics … because I can’t think of a more exciting thing to talk about.


Author: Parris

Mom of a sweet tiny 3 year old Made in New York Tacos are life

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