Please Stop Telling Me to Have More Kids

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Believe it or not – before I had my daughter – I was quite content in the thought of being the cool aunt that travelled to far off lands and came back with cool souvenirs and clothes from distant lands.  I was diagnosed with PCOS and a tilted ovary when I was 18 years old and pretty much decided that I wouldn’t kill myself at the thought of not having much of a chance to have children.  I would not live my life trying to get pregnant.  If it happened it happened … and if it didn’t and I did want kids, I would adopt a couple of 4 or 5 year olds.

Low and behold, I have my beautiful little girl.  If you have read any of this blog – you know that she is the very reason I believe I was placed on this planet.  I love, love, LOVE being a mom.

That is I love being … HER mom.  I do not want anymore kids.

Wait … let me clarify that … I do not want to be pregnant again.  EVER.  Besides the multiple failed pregnancies that I have had – plus this one that was scarier than a Nightwalker in the winter – I’m good.  What really aggravates me is people telling me that I need to have another one so she could have a brother or sister.

Why should I?  Seriously?  I don’t knock anyone for having multiple kids.  Bless your hearts and your patience.  I can’t do it.  I know my limits.  My one is my limit.  I don’t even like to babysit other people’s kids.  I never volunteer.  If I do offer to watch someone else’s child – trust me – I really like your kid.  I can think of 3 people who’s children that I have offered to watch and would do it on a regular basis.  One of these kids, I am actually related to. Do you get my point?

I have no plans to have another C- Section, I have no plans to lay up in another hospital to have another child.  I have no plans to nurse ever again.  None.  Some people ask me – what if you meet someone and he wants more children.  My answer is usually, what if I meet someone and he already has children?  What if I meet someone and he wouldn’t mind adoption?  The possibilities are endless – and they all end with me not pulling another child out of my body.

I envy women who have wonderful glowing pregnancies.  I did not have that luxury unfortunately.  With knowing that reality – why would I put myself through that torture?

You see, I am about to be 35.  THIRTY – FREAKING – FIVE.  It is my personal belief not to have children out of wedlock – and I currently cant take dating anyone for more than but a short period of time (and we shall leave that topic alone for another post) My plans include travelling the world with my TWEEN-ager – not being at parent teacher conferences at 50.  Just not my life – someone’s, not mine.  I would love to invest all my time and love and money into my daughter – so she can have all the things that I never had.  Like I said – should I feel the need, I am open to adoption.  That is a big MAYBE.

I get really annoyed at people telling me – you need to have more kids!  She needs a brother or sister!  No one NEEDS a brother or sister – trust me.  I got this kid right.  She’s perfect why rock the boat?

Author: Parris

Mom of a sweet tiny 3 year old Made in New York Tacos are life

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