My Little Wonder Woman

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Lately, my daughter (thanks to her dad) has become engrossed in female super heroes.  Batgirl, Super Girl, and of course Wonder Woman.

In my opinion, and possibly the opinion of any mother that has had a preemie, these little warriors are Super Heroes all on their own.  I am definitely an introvert – for many reasons.  Whether it is self esteem, constantly feeling misunderstood, or even when I am in my zone – that little girl saves the day at any given time. 

One thing that I realized in my last trimester of being pregnant was that I absolutely had no idea what I was doing.  Going through my personal struggles with having a difficult pregnancy, both physically and emotionally, I felt lost as to what to do next and what I was “supposed” to do to be a good mom.  Every day I have fears and anxiety about every little thing that I do with and for my daughter.  Things that so many people do without thinking twice – from driving her to preschool to washing her hair low key gives me a small ounce of stress – because I don’t know if I am doing it right. Like most first time mom’s I’m winging it.

I am convinced that my Preemie has super-powers. I am sure that all Preemie Parents agree the same about theirs.  For me, it goes beyond the ability to look cute in any tiny outfit or to defy the odds of the NICU.  I’m not just saying it because she’s my kid — she is really something special.

She appreciates the beauty in the simple things: Have you ever heard the term “Stop and smell the roses?”  My daughter literally will not walk past flowers without smelling them.  She doesn’t care if we are in a rush or not.  She stands over them and takes a whiff.  She has the power to show me that I need to slow down.

She knows what I am feeling without me saying a word: Any mom will tell you that we have secret bad days.  Those days are the days that you as a mom become completely overwhelmed or you feel defeated and you cry in your car.  (Don’t act you never did it before)  She has this look – its empathetic and it seems as if she is looking through my soul. It’s almost like she has this super healing power.

She brings out the best in everyone she comes across:  There are a lot of single men and military folks in my building.  Naevia can almost sense if someone is having a bad day.  She waves hi and runs up to some of the neighbors to say hello – funny thing is she is good for doing it to folks that have that sour puss look on their faces – watching a tough looking Navy seal melt at her smiles gets me every time.

She literally saved me: I had my daughter at a time in my life where I didn’t know what I was going to do next.  Having her convinced me that I can do so many things that I was once scared of.  She reminds me everyday that we are best friends. She tells me that she loves our house.  Her dinner is so yummy.  Everything that I ever felt like I was missing in this world – she gave me.

For that – she is my hero.






Author: Parris

Mom of a sweet tiny 3 year old Made in New York Tacos are life

One thought on “My Little Wonder Woman

  1. This entry totally melts my heart! I do hope that when I’m a mother I can be as open and transparent. Amazing! Children pull out buried treasures within us all!


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