An Open Letter to Alex Gardega


I am sorry that my child intimidates you.

Are you confused? Don’t be.  You are the one that decided that better use of $360,000 was not to donate to a scholarship fund, or donate to a hospital, yet to feed your man-child ego to build poorly crafted statue of a pug (which next to a chihuahua, is arguably one of the most annoying small dogs) figuratively urinating on the Fearless Girl on Wall Street.

I wish that I wasn’t so enthralled in being a mother when you first posted the statue, and although you have since took it down due to the back slash of social media – this mother is letting you know ….

I have time today.

You see, when I see that Fearless Girl, this is the image that I see …

Brave girl.jpg

My 3 year old daughter stood next to that statue proud because she saw not only a cool super hero pose, but because she saw herself – a brave girl.  A girl that spent a month in the NICU, that overcame many medical obstacles to catch up with her gestational age group.  A girl that isn’t scared to walk up to anyone and give them a hug.  A brave girl that isn’t afraid of the dark, or airplanes, or scary movies, or dogs.

It is a shame that this little girl keeps you up at night.  It is a shame that the sculptor of the Bull which was made over 30 years ago is upset about this Little girl. What is worst that your man feelings were so hurt that you felt it in your heart to do something about it.

You should be ashamed of yourself.  This is not to make you feel bad – I am sure that Twitter handled that just fine – but you need to understand the gravity of your actions.



I need to understand, what about this little girl pissed you off?  You said that the girl was a down grade to the bull that had “integrity” (as said by your quote in the NY Post).  How much integrity is exactly on Wall Street?  Wall Street is historically a male – dominated world.  Hell, this world is a male dominated world, and you sir – your way of thinking, your need to find ways to disparage the female form – regardless to how you translate it. In a world where women traditionally make more than 40% less of the same salary of their male counter parts, in society where condoms are given out for free, yet tampons and feminine napkins are taxed, and with a government where a man with a reality show is more qualified than a female senator and secretary of state to become President of these United States – THIS little girl you felt intimidated the integrity of wall street.  I don’t think so. Sexism is alive and popping – and that purposely poorly crafted dog you made is the personification of what Sexism represents.

I would imagine Alex, that you don’t have a daughter.  God, I hope that you don’t. How would you explain to a little girl that a figure such of that of the “Fearless Girl”  which in my opinion, is at best 8 years old, is not a pillar of strength to any little girl.  You see, I want my daughter to be fearless. I want her to walk into any profession that she is qualified for, and dare I say some that she my not quite be as qualified for and excel.  I want her to not be afraid to speak her mind – thoroughly and articulately to anyone whom she feels needs to hear her.  I want for her to be able to follow her dreams and crush them. She will because her mother is a fearless girl.

Michelle Obama was a fearless girl Alex.  Amelia Earhart was a fearless girl.  Hillary Clinton, Jackie Kennedy, Sojourner Truth, Bette Midler, Beyoncé … need I go on?

Fearless girls are so important to this world.  Behind every powerful man, there was a fearless mother, a fearless wife, a fearless daughter, a fearless administrative assistant – and who are you to try to mansplain what you feel the meaning of such a figure with be?  Nobody that is who.  Who was the fearless girl that stood behind you?  You owe her an apology.




Author: Parris

Mom of a sweet tiny 3 year old Made in New York Tacos are life

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Alex Gardega

  1. Beautiful image of your daughter next to that statue. Shame on anyone who has tried to shame such a powerful statue as well. I too need to make a trip out to New York with my daughter and have her power-pose just as strong and proud as your daughter has done.


  2. This is powerful! Thanks for writing it! I love how your daughter is standing next to it! It speaks volumes! Fearless…Confidence…


  3. Your daughter is beautiful. It is sad we live in a world where having confidence can cause others to be fearful. I walk right on by those folks with my head held high!


  4. I saw on the news that the smaller statue is against the big corporation that put the stature there not the girl itself. Nevertheless, it is pretty tacky.


  5. I felt so angry when I how his fragile man ego is expressed.
    Thank you for eloquently putting my anger into words.


  6. Wow. That’s crazy. I love how you were able to express yourself, although the frustration was felt, the piece was well written.


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