Our Hilarious First Time in the ER

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Aside from my daughter having glasses, she has another minor condition that has gotten better over time.  Part of her being born prematurely, she ended up with a breathing condition called Tracheomalacia.  In a newborn, this occurs when the cartilage in the windpipe has not developed properly. Instead of being rigid, the walls of the trachea are floppy. Because the windpipe is the main airway, breathing difficulties begin soon after birth.

Imagine how I felt one winter night when my daughter was wheezing and the nebulizer prescribed to us by the pediatrician, wasn’t working at all.  I packed up my daughter and brought her to University of Vermont Medical Center to the children’s ER.

They gave my daughter a more powerful breathing treatment.  After two rounds of that – Little Me was a lot closer to being herself.

Ok so now what?  Does she stay there, or does she go home?  Will she be admitted? Being a mom by yourself with a 18 month old – back in the hospital – will freak you out.  The question was – what was my daughter doing?



I have no idea who she was talking to in her inaudible baby language.  Here I was having a mini panic attack because I had to drive (hate driving) at night (hate driving at night) to the emergency room (I hate emergency rooms) to help her breathe better.  And here she is talking on the phone like it never happened.

Of course all of the nurses thought she was “Oh So Cute” (Sigh)

So how is this mitigated going forward.

Make sure that if your child is eligible you get all of their Synagis Shots for RSV during RSV season. It will make your winters much smoother.

Well, in the winter seasons (and now that she is older, in the spring as well) Naevia gets regular treatments – usually one in the morning and one in the evening.

Since she is 3 1/2 now – she has the ability to use an inhaler.

Using an inhaler with an Anti Static Holding Chamber will ensure that she gets her entire dose.


Other things that I do to help make her breathing easier is to ensure that my home isn’t very dusty – that doesn’t help at all.  I took her to the allergist to see what allergies that she may have and what those side effects may be.

The inhaler isn’t for asthma, she doesn’t have asthma – the inhaler is to help open her airways so that she will breathe better.

I make sure my daughter has plenty of fluids.

As she has gotten older – it has gotten much better, I haven’t had to take her to the ER since that day – just some last minute doctor’s appointments.

This breathing condition is very manageable.  Eventually your child will grow out of it.



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