Mommie Musings Part 1

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Since I’ve started my own business, I figured as I lead up to the launch of that part of my site – I would start this series of Mommie Musings. These are just random things that I think about in my day to day dealings of being a mom and some of the reflections that I often have.  Some may be funny, some may be thought provoking … I hope that they are all relatable.

My thoughts for the night – besides the fact that I had a red bull at 5pm (bad idea – because I am AWAKE) is that mommy guilt is a real thing.  Yesterday, I took my kid school shopping for the upcoming pre-k3 school year.  She made out pretty good.  2 pairs of sneakers, few pairs of pants, and cute tops – all that she happily picked out herself.  (She is becoming such a girly – girl – one that knows exactly what she wants.  I hope that she keeps it up – but I digress) When we went to get her sneakers, I peaked over for a pair of sneakers that i could possibly get away with wearing to work on a dress down Friday, when I return to work full time in the fall.  I saw a pair of sneakers that looked just like one of my daughter’s pairs.  She squealed when I picked them up – “Mommy be just like me!!!!”  This didn’t help the inner fight that I was having about getting these sneakers.  I have pretty small feet – I wear a kid’s size 5 1/2 or 6. The sneakers were on sale for 60 bucks.

I got the damn sneakers – and I feel bad for buying them.

Never mind that I never get anything for myself.  Never mind that the sneakers were 50% off.  Never mind that my daughter keeps bringing me her sneakers proud that she looks “Just like Mommy”.

Often, when I try to do something for myself, I get hit with mom guilt.  Thinking I could have bought my daughter something else (even though she really doesn’t need for anything – she is incredibly spoiled)  Or maybe I could have used that money for something else. The point that I am making is that often as parents we always put our children’s needs in front of our own.  The few times when we do things for ourselves; buying a new dress, getting a mani/pedi (and not just choosing one or the other) or in my case, buying a new pair of sneakers – is well deserved for all that we sacrifice for the ones that we love the most.

I deserve those sneakers – I’ve woken up in the middle of the night – made dinner that did not get eaten – only to turn around and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (that must be cut into rectangles by the way)  Watched Frozen 137 times, and have seen 3 complete seasons of Sofia the First 5 times.

No need for the mommy guilt – but it will happen again. I am pretty sure of it.  The next time I decide to get my hair done.


Author: Parris

Mom of a sweet tiny 3 year old Made in New York Tacos are life

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