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Apparently I am Exhausted…

I am in the throws of my first and only child free weekend all summer. My daughter’s been home with me since June.  Just about everywhere I went, she went. This Labor Day weekend, her grandmother took mercy on my soul and took her out of town. Continue reading


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Mommie Musings Part 1

Since I’ve started my own business, I figured as I lead up to the launch of that part of my site – I would start this series of Mommie Musings. These are just random things that I think about in my day to day dealings of being a mom and some of the reflections that I often have.  Some may be funny, some may be thought provoking … I hope that they are all relatable.

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Our Hilarious First Time in the ER

Aside from my daughter having glasses, she has another minor condition that has gotten better over time.  Part of her being born prematurely, she ended up with a breathing condition called Tracheomalacia.  In a newborn, this occurs when the cartilage in the windpipe has not developed properly. Instead of being rigid, the walls of the trachea are floppy. Because the windpipe is the main airway, breathing difficulties begin soon after birth.

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An Open Letter to Alex Gardega

I am sorry that my child intimidates you.

Are you confused? Don’t be.  You are the one that decided that better use of $360,000 was not to donate to a scholarship fund, or donate to a hospital, yet to feed your man-child ego to build poorly crafted statue of a pug (which next to a chihuahua, is arguably one of the most annoying small dogs) figuratively urinating on the Fearless Girl on Wall Street.

I wish that I wasn’t so enthralled in being a mother when you first posted the statue, and although you have since took it down due to the back slash of social media – this mother is letting you know ….

I have time today.

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My Little Wonder Woman

Lately, my daughter (thanks to her dad) has become engrossed in female super heroes.  Batgirl, Super Girl, and of course Wonder Woman.

In my opinion, and possibly the opinion of any mother that has had a preemie, these little warriors are Super Heroes all on their own.  I am definitely an introvert – for many reasons.  Whether it is self esteem, constantly feeling misunderstood, or even when I am in my zone – that little girl saves the day at any given time.  Continue reading