Meet Parris

I am the cool mom at the daycare (self proclaimed – I would like to believe that all the kids running up to me when I come to pick up my kid would be an inclining.)

I have an amazing now 3 year old little girl.  Naevia (pronounced NEIGH – VEE – AHH) was born at 31 weeks and a day at albs 2oz and 14 inches long.  It was both the best and scariest day of my life.


Having my tiny warrior has been an adventure sprinkled with sweet (and some not so sweet) experiences.  I watched my final trimester play out in front of my eyes.  When I had my baby, I found a plethora of information in a million different places. My goal is to put as many of these tips in one place for all of my fellow preemie moms.

I am a Success Coach (helping other single moms realize their passions and get them started), digital strategist and writer.

( M.B.A MOM  coming soon! )

I am an advocate of affordable child care, premature awareness, all things girl power and extended paid maternity / paternity leave for families.

I invite you all to evolve through this journey with me and my little cupcake.  I don’t know about you all, but some people get to meet their hero – I happened to give birth to mine ❤

Write, Revise, Repeat.