An Open Letter to Alex Gardega

I am sorry that my child intimidates you.

Are you confused? Don’t be.  You are the one that decided that better use of $360,000 was not to donate to a scholarship fund, or donate to a hospital, yet to feed your man-child ego to build poorly crafted statue of a pug (which next to a chihuahua, is arguably one of the most annoying small dogs) figuratively urinating on the Fearless Girl on Wall Street.

I wish that I wasn’t so enthralled in being a mother when you first posted the statue, and although you have since took it down due to the back slash of social media – this mother is letting you know ….

I have time today.

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All I Have to Talk About is my kid…

I may not be the easiest person to kick it with these days.  I am a little overwhelmed and with the set up of some new projects (coming soon to a blog near you) I have been really, really busy.  I am okay with it.  The most exciting thing I have going on is my kid.

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