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My Little Wonder Woman

Lately, my daughter (thanks to her dad) has become engrossed in female super heroes.  Batgirl, Super Girl, and of course Wonder Woman.

In my opinion, and possibly the opinion of any mother that has had a preemie, these little warriors are Super Heroes all on their own.  I am definitely an introvert – for many reasons.  Whether it is self esteem, constantly feeling misunderstood, or even when I am in my zone – that little girl saves the day at any given time.  Continue reading


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I’m a Preemie Mom – Hear Me Roar

In honor of National Woman’s day, I thought to myself, what better time for me to launch my blog?

I have been spending the last year researching and raising my daughter.  (Read my story in my bio).  My daughter is now three years old.  (Currently Gestational age 3 – actual age 3 years and three months).  I have learned so much in these past three years.  I have journaled and documented, and now I want to share.  I am almost sure that I know what I am talking about at this point. (insert “S” on my chest here) Continue reading